Victory – Biography

Victory Boyd is an extraordinarily talented young performer whose poignant music and magnetic sound—a fusion of folk, funk and rhythm and blues—resounds beyond any single genre, and has been compared to that of legendary artists Tracy Chapman, Roberta Flack, and Nina Simone. Her distinctive vocals provide a rich mosaic of raw sentiment, revelatory honesty, and heightened poeticism. Her piercing voice ranges from fiery and bold to vulnerable and melancholy, and tenderly blend unvarnished truth with channeled emotion that penetrates the soul.

Victory’s personally-charged songs bookmark moments in her evolution. Her vulnerabilities have helped her shape a textured and layered sound that is self-expressive, reflective, and relatable. Her matchless storytelling gift mixes thought-provoking lyrics with the truth, pains and complexities of life through a variety of sonic narratives. She creates unchartered music that resonates with the human experience and that is garnering her adoration and acclaim by ever-expanding audiences.

“My goal is to capture the difficulties and challenges of the human experience, and to speak hope to these situations, sharing a sense of triumph and victory within all who hear my music,” Victory says.

Along her journey, Victory has embraced a wide swath of musical influences, from Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, and Marvin Gaye, to Corrine Bailey Rae, Ms. Lauryn Hill, John Boyd, and Ella Fitzgerald. Whether she’s performing classics or original compositions, Victory skillfully tailors each song to fit her unique and ever-evolving style.

Victory recently received worldwide praise for writing two of the top-performing and most requested hit songs on Kanye West’s highly anticipated album “Jesus is King.” The chart-topping songs “God Is” and “Closed on Sunday” helped propel the album to its number one debut on the charts and catapulted Victory to become one of today’s most sought after singer/songwriters.

A native of Detroit and now a New Yorker, Victory grew up in a family of musicians, including her parents and eight siblings. At age four she began performing in the Boys and Girls Choir of Detroit, founded by her parents and modeled after the famous Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem. Victory performed with the Detroit choir for almost ten years, learning many aspects of music, including rhythm, harmony, improvisation, vocal performance, and ear training. In 2011, she took the initiative to aggressively learn to play the guitar. With her deep musical history, she excelled and quickly developed command over the instrument.

Victory and her siblings, Abraham and Angel, regularly sang together as a trio, and in 2012 they became an official band, taking on the name, Infinity’s Song. Later, younger siblings Israel and Thalia Mosaia (aka Momo) joined the band. Victory and her family performed regularly in Central Park for many years, delighting tourists and New Yorkers from their spot at the Bethesda Fountain, and building a fiercely loyal fan base.

Victory expanded her repertoire even further by studying music theory, composition, and recording—artfully writing, arranging, and threading together her own raw, vulnerable, captivating sound.

In 2016, Victory captured the attention of rap superstar JAY Z, who personally signed her and Infinity’s Song to the RocNation music label. Since then, she has gained extensive experience in studio recording, directing, live performance, and leading full bands as she integrates rhythm, horn, and string sections. Her command of instruments, coupled with her vocal aerobics and lyrical mastery, allowed her to successfully produce her own EP and debut album (“The Broken Instrument”) and have made her one of modern music’s brightest stars—and one of RocNation’s most treasured artists.

With her seductive, soaring, and expressive sound, Victory recently performed live on a number of high profile television programs, including “Good Morning America,” where she was interviewed by anchor Robin Roberts, and on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where she performed her hit “Jazz Festival.” As she continues to forge a vibe and cadre all her own, Victory recently wrote and released the soundtrack for Russell Stover’s wildly popular national commercial, “I Wanna Make You Happy.”

With her arresting beauty, distinctive voice, and eclectic music, Victory has delivered dynamic performances to her rapidly-growing fan base—from the Montreal Jazz Festival to the roaring ovation she received for her acoustic guitar rendition of the national anthem at a Saints-Panthers NFL playoff game in 2018. She performed at the BET Her Awards, captivated audiences at major corporate events, and has headlined a myriad of exclusive private performances for high wattage notables such as Robert F. Smith, Ken and Kathy Chennault, Mike Novogratz, and Armand De Brignac.

As Victory prepares to release her sophomore album, “Confessions of a Lonely Girl,” in the year of 2020, she’s sure to cement her eminent status as one of music’s most talented and charismatic rising stars