A Modern Day Motown

I find myself being very fascinated by Berry Gordy these days. The African American songwriter and business man that started Motown records in Detroit Michigan with an $800 loan.

Music is in a completely different place in 2021 than the 60s, however there is at least one thing that remains which is this… Raw talent is a powerful currency.

I’m committing myself to figuring out an equation that nurtures, stewards and distributes raw talent. Not only my own talents,  but also other talents that need leadership in navigating being an artist in the middle of a pandemic.

You my friend, are an important part of this equation that I’m working towards figuring out. Once we develop our music, we’ll need people that are ready to be our audience. It’s as simple as that. Without an audience, it’s not nearly as fun or rewarding.

I’m excited to be building out a modern day Motown type music collective at The Secret Place. We started something really beautiful at Christmas Time and after a few weeks of thinking about what’s next, I think I’m close to narrowing it down.

Stay tuned my friends! Stay tuned.



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  • Barb Salak
    Posted at 20:30h, 12 February Reply

    So excited to be part of the dream and journey led by the Divine and the hearts and talent that follows.

  • Danella Connors
    Posted at 20:38h, 12 February Reply

    You are doing as you say. 🙏 I am touched and moved by what you share .. and the sublime subtlety and deep nourishment and community being nurtured through and around you. It is truly very beautiful. Thank you from my heart to yours ❤

  • Sindy Young
    Posted at 07:21h, 19 February Reply

    You all are some of the most gifted young people I have known your music Is soul stirring and moving to so many very inspiring and uplifting I can truly say ….you all are such a blessing music speaks in same many different languages and ways that soothes the soul . May the lord continue to encourage you all and bless you all ministry because that what I see it as a ministry. Stay together and don’t allow anything to separate you from one another there’s power in unity .

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