So I’ve decided to come clean and let you know that the LIVE virtual concert that we’re doing tomorrow on Thanksgiving was actually pre-recorded on Monday.  Whew! feels good to have that off my chest, I know those of you that follow me here on my blog won’t hold it against me.  All the rest of the shows will be LIVE for real. I hope you tune in to watch them all!

Last time I wrote here, the idea of having a Virtual  Christmas concert series was simply an idea that I dared to speak out loud. Every day since then, one by one, God brought every single resource, person, and dollar that we needed in order to make a world-class production.

I had friends and strangers alike join the cause, and help to make this show a success. We’ve invested so much and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone. Now we need your help with these 3 things.

    1. Spread the word!
    2. Gift someone you know that’s isolated on Thanksgiving with a ticket!
    3. Watch the show with your family!


The tickets to the show are $10. Not because it’s a cheap production, but because we’d like to reach as many people as possible. We’ve partnered with prisons around the country as well as nursing homes and provided the show for free to their facilities. If you know of more facilities that would like to premiere the show, send me a message here and my team will reach out to coordinate. (the show will also be available after Thanksgiving).

I’m VERY proud of how far we’ve come in one short month since embarking on this project. I can’t wait for you to enjoy.

visit www.thesecretplacestudios.com for tickets and more information.

With Love,


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  • Martti C Peeples
    Posted at 07:20h, 27 November Reply

    Hello Victory,
    I don’t care if it was live or taped, it was wonderful. I watched with my son. But there is a place, I wish you can reach out too.

    My grandmother, Joan Cato is in a nursing home. Just a few months ago, we were granted virtual visits but this Christmas it will be one full year which I haven’t rested my head on her shoulder.

    If you can reach out to West Bloomfield Health and Rehabilitation Center to coordinate your show there. It would be great to know she is watching something I’m watching at the same time. Their website is wbrc.com phone number is 248 661 1600

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